Intern Spotlight - Haley

Haley is a recent intern in the Supportive Living brain injury assisted exercise program and is a senior at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, working on a BS degree in Exercise Physiology. When she completes her degree this year she will continue her studies for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy over the next 3 years. 

Haley is inspired by her mother who works at Tewksbury State Hospital as a Physical Therapist.  She interned at Supportive Living in 2017 and has a commitment to working with people with brain injuries. 

Haley loves the social aspects of getting to know fitness program participants and figuring out how best to get them engaged.   “Like everyone else, participants can make a lifestyle change and see physical and mental progress from working out.

Haley has many memories of fitness program participants. “Karen, with her strong opinions, loves to work out, pushing herself and going to her gym on her own.” Roger who she assisted on the treadmill with a Hoya lift.  His remark as he got moving?  “Wow!”

Haley is pictured below with George. “Working with George was special to me. His positive attitude was contagious. He always greeted me with a 'Hi Haley, how are you,' as he updated me with what was new in his life. He would try all my fitness suggestions. He just wanted to get stronger and show off wearing his 'muscle shirt'.  He made my experience at Supportive Living impossible to forget.  He was definitely one of the hardest goodbyes."