Intern Spotlight - Lenka S

I'm Lenka and am attending Cornell University.  This internship made me realize how fortunate I am to be healthy and happy because these accidents can happen to anyone.  I think I grew from the Supportive Living internship experience and that it will be valuable to me down the road. I have gained knowledge of how to help, interact with, and motivate survivors of ABI in the community. 

During my internship I formed a close bond with Bobby from Douglas House. Bobby suffered a TBI in a car accident. We like to talk about the Red Sox, food, and family. Bobby has a great sense of humor and has been improving so much since we started the fitness program. He can now walk 10 minutes without his cane using good form! These relationships are extremely important for the resident because we become friends in addition to the trainer-athlete relationship. I think it is important that the residents interact with young people who are energetic and positive. The relationship is also important for me to gain a better understanding of their injury and the personality of the resident before and after their injury.