Intern Spotlight - Sara Chojnacki

I'm Sara Chojnacki and a Neuroscience major I have been learning about the brain and brain injury, but seeing firsthand how a brain injury affects a person gave a whole new meaning to what I've been studying.   It helped me see the importance of learning more and to better understand how to help.  One of my takeaways from this internship is to try to get to know people more. Many of the residents at Supportive Living have incredible stories to tell, both of their lives before their injury and their stories of recovery.  I've truly been inspired by many of these people and I hope to be involved in this discipline in the future.

During the summer I formed a strong relationship with George from McLaughlin House. This relationship is important to me because while I help George with fitness and group activities, I have also learned a lot from him. Many of these people with brain injury are incredibly strong and motivated, and the lengths that they go to strive for change and improvement are truly amazing. From my experience at Supportive Living Inc., I've learned that every brain injury is unique and can affect anyone in various ways.