Spotlight - Marcy Schwam

Meet Marcy Schwam, five-time world record holder in ultra-distance running, fitness instructor for Supportive Living, and team captain of Team Incredibles, a group of Supportive Living friends and supporters who will participate in the Genesis Battlegreen Run in Lexington on November 4.

Marcy has an amazing background in athletics, especially running really long distances. She held world records in the 100k, 24-hour endurance run and was the first woman to break 6 hours for 50 miles. Now Marcy shares her experience and passion as a trainer for seniors at the Lynch / van Otterloo YMCA. Marcy also oversees the assisted exercise program at the YMCA developed by Supportive Living for survivors of brain injury.

"People need to move," says Marcy.  "This has been my firm belief throughout my life.  It doesn't mean we can all move the same.  Whatever a person can move, they should."

"It's difficult not to share the excitement of people in this program," Marcy says.  She especially credits the YMCA facilities.  "We don't do rehab, we're purely wellness.  All program participants want to move because it makes them feel better and doing it in a non-institutional environment is fun!"

"You can’t help but be the happiest person on earth working with these individuals and seeing the difference before they started versus just three or four weeks into the program. It’s incredible”. 

Join the fun and move with the Supportive Living Team

Marcy invites you to join or support Team Incredibles in this community fundraiser. You can learn more here.