Live Well Classes -- Spring 2018

Individuals living with brain injury can indeed live well.  It takes physical, mental and social activity.  That’s why we created Live Well classes where we challenge ourselves, socialize, enjoy activities and have fun!  The SLI Brain Injury Wellness Center in collaboration with Advocates Brain Injury Services developed these courses specifically for adults living with brain injury.  All course sessions are one hour. 

You can register for classes by downloading the enrollment form and sending it to us, or for more information email us at or call 781-274-8711.

Spring 2018 Class Offerings

Amplifi: Express Yourself through Song

Led by instructors from the Real School of Music, this class helps students trigger positive and meaningful memories of their past by analyzing their favorite musical artists and bands from their youth, connecting music with previous decades and prompting stories associated with those musical memories.  Class includes songwriting for storytelling and participative singing.  Six-week session March 27, 2018 to May 15, 2018 on Tuesdays at 3:30PM.  Warren House, 17 Warren Ave. Woburn, MA.  $30 ($5 per session).


Healthy Joy of Cooking

Learn to cook and experience healthy choices in food selection and preparation.  Based on research findings from a nutritional needs assessment conducted in collaboration with Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at Boston University, these classes help individuals with brain injury assess nutritional value of various foods and learn healthy alternatives to preparation.  Six-week session Mar 30, 2018 to May 11, 2018 on Fridays at 11 AM.  Douglas House, 7 Oakland St. Lexington, MA.  $30 ($5 per session).


Yo-Abilities: Chair/Wheelchair Yoga

This yoga program helps to enrich the lives of individuals with physical limitations or those using a wheelchair /walker for mobility.  Led by a licensed Physical Therapist with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, this program focuses on improving postural control and sitting balance to increase awareness of body alignment and promotes good breathing techniques. Six-week session Apr 3, 2018 to May 15, 2018 on Tuesdays at 6:30PM.  McLaughlin House, 333 Park St., North Reading.  $60 ($10 per session).


Self Care and Yoga

Better understand where you hold tightness and stress in your own body and mind. Through breath work, meditation, and gentle modified stretches students learn how to deeply relax, to feel rejuvenated and more hopeful.  Lexington classes are currently booked, contact us for notification of openings. 


Move!  Physical Fitness for All

Research has found that exercise helps individuals with brain injury live well. It improves cardiorespiratory fitness, endurance, sense of balance and overall outlook.  We designed these fitness classes around the special needs of individuals with brain injury.  An exercise physiology professional oversees all sessions with student interns providing one-on-one mentoring, coaching and assistance to all attendees.  Sessions include 25 minutes of aerobics and 25 minutes of stretching and functional strength training.  These 12-week sessions continue from the Winter term.  Classes are currently booked, contact us for notification of openings. 


Interested in attending?  Please download the enrollment form and send it to us, or for more information email us at or call 781-274-8711.  All class participants must be able to care for themselves or have a personal care assistant with them during class.


Live Well with Brain Injury classes are provided by Supportive Living Inc., Advocates Brain Injury Services, and Live Well Program Partners. Live Well activities are supported by The Statewide Head Injury Program, a program of Community Based Services, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.