Old Farm Rockport

Old Farm Rockport (OFR) is an independent affordable housing facility for survivors of brain injury. 

Located in Rockport, Massachusetts, OFR is a renovation of the Old Farm Inn at Halibut Point. OFR's main building, Norwood House, has four accessible bedrooms offering a home-like environment on the main floor. The adjacent building, Murphy House, has two accessible studio apartments on the main floor. Both buildings have a completely separate one-bedroom apartment on the second floor.

The property was transformed in a collaborative effort led by Old Farm Rockport, a non-profit organization formed by a group of North Shore families and friends of individuals who have been touched by the catastrophic effects of a brain injury. In addition to Old Farm Rockport, Supportive Living, an award-winning developer of independent housing for brain injury survivors, and Advocates, Inc., a provider of health care services for adults with multiple disabilities, provided their unique abilities in this effort.

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